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Our Sheet Metal Sample

Turnkey Sheet Metal Sample 3
Turnkey Sheet Metal Sample 7
Turnkey Sheet Metal Sample 6
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How Can We Make Profit for You

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Factory direct

There are no dealers between us, parts will be shipped directly to you. No need to pay more to middleman and get your parts made.

20+ Years Experience

Talk to engineer only

We will appoint a dedicated project engineer to follow up your project from the beginning, only need to talk with him/her, save time for you.


DFM report available

We will make concerned DFM report based on your project, it will help for lower budget or understand why we quote the price for your part.

Fast Actions

Fast actions

Every email and question will be replied shortly and you can see how we manage things here. We know time is money and we can save it for you.

Transparent update

Transparent update

Pictures or videos from every important time point will be sent, you can see how your project goes, everything is under your control.

Strict Quality Control

Strict quality control

We are ISO9001 & ISO14001 certified, and every part will be checked strictly as per our quality procedure. Inspection report will be sent accordingly.

How Do We Manage Your Project

How do we manage your project

About Us

Sheet Metal Factory 5
Sheet Metal Factory 6
Sheet Metal Factory 7
Sheet Metal Factory 2

Turnkey is a one-stop professional manufacturer with nearly 20 years experience in sheet metal fabrication.

With our own factory, we are able to offer quick turnaround to meet the requirement for short lead time. To speed-up development cycle, we devoted to supply high quality sheet parts with tight tolerance for these years. Fast in actions is not enough for us, we prefer fast while nice. Quality and service speak for themselves.

We’ve Helped Thousands of People Make Parts

Jonas M.

Industrial Engineer

“Turnkey is really awesome. I had a sheet metal project and need it in very short time, Turnkey supported and every feature was just as I designed.”

Micheal J.

NPI Manager

“Never expect to get parts with so nice appearance. I wanted the sheet to be glossy Ral painted. They really made it very shiny and nice!”

Sarah P.

Automation Purchaser

“I had a project for sheet fixtures with tight tolerance. Turnkey’s offer is really competitive and they are also fast in actions. The fixtures are unbelievable.”

Mike O.

Senior Buyer

“It was a large sheet welded project, Turnkey made very stable protection for shipment, I got it in perfectly condition, and I can more appreciate any more.”

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